The Benefits of Living and Doing Business in Aurora, Colorado


Aurora, Colorado is a thriving city that attracts developers and people who want to live in the area. Its 11 walkable transit-oriented developments and prime opportunities for development make it a desirable place to live and do business. In addition to its economic development efforts, the city provides resources and services to development partners and a company that helps businesses. This article explores the benefits of living and working in Aurora. The city's Economic Development 2022 strategic plan includes the creation of more than 300 new jobs and a state-of-the-art inland port.

Aurora is a city where people want to live and developers want to build

A growing number of people are choosing to relocate to Aurora. With a high concentration of young couples and families, Aurora offers many attractions and opportunities for people to enjoy their leisure time. The city has a high percentage of blue collar workers, but some neighborhoods are attracting well-to-do residents. The city's abundance of open space also encourages outdoor sports. In addition, the city's new restaurant, the People's Building, will bring in a new generation of visitors and residents.

There are a number of development projects in the works in Aurora. The consortium behind these projects includes restaurateur Ron Woerman, the brother of former Aurora City Council President Russell Woerman. They also include Michael Poulakidas, an attorney and former medical doctor, and Crystal Rollins, the former Aurora mayor. The board of directors for JTE Real Estate Services includes the ex-wife of former Aurora Ald. Rollins.

The mayor of Aurora has yet to comment on the project, but she has promised to keep residents informed of any new developments. The city is also in the planning stages for its infrastructure needs. The earliest developers could break ground as early as 2018, so be prepared to wait. And don't forget to subscribe to Denver7's email alerts to keep updated on Aurora's development plans.

It has all of these amenities

Whether you're looking for an outdoor recreation spot, an indoor museum or a place to dine, Aurora, Colorado, has everything you need. Residents enjoy the city's diverse dining and shopping opportunities. Aurora also boasts popular local cocktail bars. Its mass transit system connects people to the city center. All of these amenities make Aurora a great place for businesses. And when the sun goes down, the Aurora Co Economic Development 2022 has all of these amenities and more.

There are plenty of parks and recreational opportunities, as well as nine public golf courses. With almost 100 miles of trails and three large reservoirs, the city is known for its outdoor recreation opportunities. For those who want to unwind, Aurora also features moderate summer temperatures. During the winter, the town is known for its snowfall, which is more than double the national average. This makes Aurora a great place for recreation no matter what season it is.